The Monument
The foundation is not able to provide individual pictures of stones placed in the walkway. However, the foundation created an innovative way to view a virtual representation of each stone. Click on the link and view a stone and the actual location on the Ranger Monument.

View the location and virtual picture of each stone
The Friends of the Rangers program was created to recognize corporate donors, family members, and others that want to support the foundation and monument but are not Ranger qualified. For a minimum of $500, the donor’s name is engraved in special ledgers that surround the Ranger Monument. Those donating the minimum amount are also eligible to have two stones of Ranger-qualified individuals engraved on the monument walkway. Click on the link to view the Friends listing.

View the Friends of the Rangers Ledgers
The Ranger Monument is one of the most visited military sites located on Fort Benning, Georgia. Since its first corner stones were laid, the monument has become a focal point for Ranger activities, family visits, and other happenings. The Ranger Monument is now part of the Historic Trail of Fort Benning. Click on the link to see additional pictures.

View pictures of the Ranger Monument
The Ranger Monument is located on Ranger Field east of the Maneuver Center’s Headquarters. Ranger Field was dedicated to the sacrifices of U.S. Army Rangers to support and defend freedom around the globe. The Ranger Monument is the center piece of Ranger Field. See below the location of the Ranger Monument.

Location of the Ranger Monument at Fort Benning
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