The National Ranger Memorial Foundation is now accepting applications for stones and Friends of the Rangers donations for the Summer 2013 engraving period. Get your order in now and reserve your space on the Ranger Monument.


  Welcome to the National Ranger Memorial Foundation web site. This site contains information concerning the mission, purpose and history of the foundation and how you can support the Ranger Monument located at Fort Benning, Georgia. The National Ranger Memorial Foundation, Inc. is a Georgia-registered 501c3 nonprofit organization.


          The National Ranger Memorial Foundation, Inc. serves U.S. Army Rangers of all eras through recognition in a granite monument, display of Hall of Fame members, scholarships to deserving individuals, and assisting Ranger families.


           The foundation unites all Ranger associations and was founded in 1992 to create, design, build, maintain, and promote the Ranger Monument located on Fort Benning, Georgia. This unique granite monument serves as the focal point for associations and active duty units to conduct major events such as graduations, unit changes of command and responsibility, promotions, and other significant ceremonies.

          Ranger qualified persons can have their name and unit inscribed in the monument walkway to document and preserve their association to the Ranger spirit and brotherhood. Names of the Ranger Hall of Fame inductees are engraved in the wall at the monument so visitors can reflect on the impact selected individuals have had in preserving our Nation€™s freedom and the freedom of others around the globe.


          The foundation also provides educational scholarships to Rangers of all eras and their eligible dependants. Additionally, the foundation provides informational presentations to civic organizations, schools, and other groups upon request. To request a presentation please email:


          The National Ranger Memorial Foundation, Inc. and the Ranger Monument serves a unique niche to a unique group of American service personnel past, present and future.

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