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Ranger Memorial Foundation and Ranger Battalions Association of WWII Application Form
Dear Applicant:

                The National Ranger Memorial Foundation (NRMF) and the Ranger Battalions Association of WWII (RBA WWII) are seeking qualified candidates to compete for 45 NRMF and 4 RBA WWII $1000.00 awards to be applied towards the chosen applicants' educational needs. Applications are accepted from January 1st through June 1st of each calendar year. The winning applicants will be notified by e-mail in July of that year. The award will be sent to the applicant’s address, but the check will be made out to the applicant's educational institution and can only be used for educational purposes. The NRMF scholarship fund was established in 1999 as part of the continuing mission of the NRMF to support the Ranger community, past, present, and future. An endowment fund was created that year to fund the yearly awards to qualified applicants. In March of 2007, the RBA WWII joined in partnership with the NRMF to award additional scholarships to WWII era Ranger descendents.  

               We offer these scholarships to honor those that have chosen to dedicate themselves to the Ranger Creed as well as family members that have sacrificed to support all Rangers. While there are strict criteria as to who may apply, the scholarships will be awarded to qualified applicants without any preference to race, creed, color, ethnic origin, or religion.

              Awards will be made to promising high school seniors (3.0 GPA) that have been accepted into a state accredited two- or four-year educational or technical institution. Students already enrolled in an accredited institution that have demonstrated academic ability (3.0 GPA) can also compete for the award. Financial necessity is not a factor in awarding the scholarships.

              To apply, you will need to fill out the below on-line application form. Please have on-hand a copy of your last transcript and two letters of reference from non-family members in order to upload to the on-line application. Examples of non-family members include coach, clergy, company commander, etc. Applicants will also be asked to list in the windows provided leadership activities, future goals, and honors and awards. Some examples of leadership are team captain, leading a volunteer activity, or providing initiative to complete a project. Future goals should state how this scholarship is intended to help you meet your personal aspirations. Examples of acceptable honors and awards are from academia, civic or fraternal organizations, military service, etc. Applications must be received electronically by June 1st for consideration. Winners will be notified by when selected by e-mail. Checks will be distributed in July.

             For additional information, please call (706) 687-0906 or e-mail the Executive Secretary at Please visit our web page at to discover more about our organization.
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